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Who are Humboldt Valley Farms?

Humboldt Valley Farms is a farm-to-table edibles company made up of three guys: a hippie heirloom cannabis grower from Humboldt, a classically-trained chef from Berkeley, and a hipster cookie baron with a nationally-recognized brand. Our mission is to produce the finest, ridiculously-satisfying gourmet sauces for your medicinal or recreational use. Staying true to our emphasis on quality control and best practices, we use a proprietary mix of nutrients to nurture our plants in one of Mother Earth’s finest microclimates within Humboldt County. This allows us to produce our own organic OG Kush cold-water bubble hash guaranteed to blow your mind.

Our Products Include:

  • Chocolate Space Sauce
  • Cosmic Caramel Sauce
  • Available In 4oz, 1oz And Individual Packet Sizes
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How It's Made:

A lot of time and love goes into making the best cannabis infused sauces



We use single origin organic OG kush to produce cold water hash and top quality ingredients. This method yields clean, uncorrupted cannabis-trichome resin from our heirloom farmers' OG Kush.



We produce and bottle our syrups in a professional kitchen by our resident pastry chef ensuring the highest and best tasting product.



We ensure the very best finished product we can produce, allowing you to enjoy our sauces with your favorite desserts or simply mixed with milk for a delicious treat!

Dosing Information:

Each teaspoon of Chocolate Space Sauce and CareMellow sauce contains 10mg of THC. Depending on body size and tolerance, it is generally recommended to try as little as 1 milligram but for most around 10 mg of THC and should observe the effects in 30-45 minutes with our product. This is why we recommend a teaspoon dose which contains 10 mg of THC. Remember everybody has a different level of tolerance so start low.


Sizes Available

10 Mg per Tsp

THC Content

4000 +

Bottles Produced

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